• Provably Fair Blackjack from OneTouch at LuckyStar Casino

    LuckyStar is proud to present new game provider in its portfolio that will put a smile to every true Table Games lovers face. The latest addition to LuckyStar family delivers a perfect gaming experience regarding card games and roulette wheels! OneTouch Software Provider is from now available at LuckyStar Online Casino with their Provably Fair Blackjack games! Stay tuned as other Table Games like Roulette and Baccarat are coming in the following days.

    Provably Fair Blackjack from OneTouch Company


    OneTouch Blackjack Features

    OneTouch Blackjack is designed with a primary focus on mobile devices, concretely smartphones. Hence the name of the company OneTouch. It is referring to the concept that all games layout must be designed in a way that you can play the game with one finger, “with one touch”, while waiting in the bank, riding in a crowded bus or dying of boredom at that seminar you didn’t want to go in first place.

     All the standard functions like placing a bet, hit, stand, increase or decrease bet and similar, to all of the advanced features like customizing settings and verifying Provably Fair for each round retrospectively, can be easily accessed using just one finger to tap on your phone. Of course, the company offers desktop version as well. In fact, OneTouch desktop game layout is one of the cleanest that we came across so far, with well-spaced elements and flawless, lag free transitions. Everything is just where it naturally has to be. Colors are vivid and in eye relaxing tones. This is especially noticed on Apple’s Retina displays. Screen and overall elements sizes are made for each display size, so whether you play on 4 inches 30$ smartphone or on 22 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, your game layout will always be perfectly adapted for maximum ease of comfort while playing OneTouch Provably Fair Blackjack and other table games. Simple speaking, responsive design concept is perfectly used to optimize user-friendly gambling experience.

    OneTouch Blackjack offers ultimate level of customization and some very interesting features. You can toggle sounds off and on, turn off animations, change your default chip size but there is also an option to change table cloth color and adjust whether the game will be played by right handed or left handed player. It’s especially suitable for mentioned convenient and practical mobile play, which is a primary Ace in OneTouch business strategy, but it comes handy for desktop use as well.  The innovative feature that certainly has to be praised. Excellent job OneTouch!

    Righ-handed vs Left-handed play version – Innovative BJ Feature
    Right handed version with blue table cloth on HTC A9 vs Left handed version with green table cloth on HTC A9

     OneTouch Blackjack at online casino can be played by Atlantic City rules with Surrender available or as Classic 8- deck “dealer must hit on soft 17” version. All versions are multi-hand, so you can play on up to three seats against the dealer.  Multi-hand option is, due to mentioned ultimate practicality, available only on screens that are large enough to display it without affecting functionality and comfort of gameplay.

    Table limits range from 0.5$/€ to 20€/$ on Low edition, across 1€/$ to 50€/$ on Mid edition, up to a maximum of 125$/€ on High edition Blackjack.

    But OneTouch has one more Ace in the sleeve and it is what players care the most about. Forget graphics and customization, fancy advertisements and sworn RTP. OneTouch offers Provably Fair Concept with 101% transparency.

    Screenshot of Atlantic City Blackjack version

    Provably Fair Concept

    OneTouch implemented Provably Fair concept to all of their games. Provably Fair is a method used to verify fairness for each round retrospectively. Using this method each random number that determines bet outcome is calculated by three variables: Server Seed, Client Seed and Nonce.

    With start of each session, you will receive an encrypted hash of the Server Seed. Because you received it in advance, the game server cannot change it later. But Server Seed is encrypted, so you cannot know the result before the end of the round. Your browser then generates Client Seed and Nonce is a number starting with 0 or 1 and increasing by one with each round. Like a round counter basically.

    Web-site uses those three variables to calculate the game outcome.

    After you complete gaming session you will get Unhashed Server Seed. Then you can use an online tool to verify that that Unhashed Server Seed is indeed from the encrypted hash that you got on the start of your session. Practically, you can manually verify that the calculated game outcome corresponds to the outcome in the gameplay at online casino.

     It may sound a little rough with all those big computer terms used to describe, but Provably Fair Concept is unbreakable because of its simplicity. You have the treasure chest but have to gamble for the keys, and the house can’t change the content of the chest or looks of the keys.

    Verifying your outcome is made very easy at Online Casinos powered by OneTouch game provider. You can simply go to you your game history, which is shown in details for each round, and click on “Verify” button. You will be redirected to the official OneTouch website and to the automatic verification application that will check the game-round.

    Provably Fair Verification (Initial Deck hashed, Dealer Seed, Initial Deck, Player Seed & Final Deck)

    To sum it up, OneTouch is a brand new game provider at LuckyStar specialized in table games. All casino games provided by OneTouch are Provably Fair which guarantees the utmost fairness & highly valuable attribute when we talk about online casino business.

    So what are you waiting for table games lovers? Click on OneTouch game provider directly from the LuckyStar Casino menu and lets play!