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    Have you ever heard of the Red Dog casino game? It is a less-known table game, not as popular as card classics like Blackjack or standard Poker. Nevertheless, it is one of the simplest card games you will find in both online and brick & mortar casinos. For its simplicity, we can compare it with Casino War, although game rules are a bit different. As much as its simple, adrenaline rush & entertainment factor is at the same level as with other popular table beasts!

    Red Dog Poker played in Saloon in the USA

    Roots of the Red Dog Card Game variants date back to 12th century in Eastern countries (China, India) and Egypt, at the time when first playing cards were invented. Of course, at that time it was not known by the Red Dog name, and the rules were not identical as these days. Overseas trading in the 19th century brought the game to the USA, known by the name “In-between”. Easy to play, it was highly popular in local pubs and saloons. In 1931, it was officially introduced in Las Vegas casino under the name “Red Dog Poker”. (The game and its variants are also known as Yablon, Between the Sheets & Acey Deucey ).

    Internet era brought this simple but interesting card game to online casinos. Since then, it has been offered by several game providers increasing its popularity on the worldwide scale, while its popularity decreased in the land-based casinos. Before you jump to play Red Dog Card Game online, check out the rules and top gambling spot where you can play it for both free and real money. Note that this article & other information on this page has been provided by Poker Boss.

    Red Dog Card Game Rules

    How to play Red Dog Poker?

    Rules are pretty straightforward and simple. It is played with the standard 52-card deck. A number of decks can vary from 1 to 8-decks game. For example, NetEnt’s Progressive Online Red Dog game is played with 1-deck shuffled before each game, while BetSoft Red Dog Online is played with 8-decks. Suits don’t play any role in this game, and cards are ranked the same way as in standard poker game, while Aces are always high.

    The game starts with the player placing the bet. While some online casinos will allow high-roller bets over $200, online limits are usually in the range between $1-$100. (min/max bet). After you have placed the bet, croupier deals two cards face-up. At this point there are 3 possible outcomes:

    1. Two cards are in consecutive order (For example: 3 & 4, or Queen & King)
      If this scenario happens, it is a “push”, the player bet is returned and there is no winner.
    2. Two cards are equal (For example: 7 & 7 or 10 & 10)
      This is a good opportunity for a player. In this case, the third card is dealt and if it happens to be the same value as other 2 cards, the player wins handy 11:1 payout! Otherwise, if the third card is different, it is a “push”.
    3. Two cards are neither equal nor in consecutive order.
      This is the most common outcome. Croupier will announce the spread. Spread represents the number of card values which can be placed between two cards. (For example: 3 & 8 will make a 4-card spread. In other words, 4 cards can be placed in-between and those are -4,5,6,7)

    When dealer announces the spread, the player has a choice to either call or raise the bet. In both situations, the third card is dealt. If the third card is outside the spread (can’t be placed in-between two initial cards), player loses. Otherwise player wins according to the following payout rate:

    • 4 + more spread: 1:1 payout
    • 3      card spread: 2:1 payout
    • 2      card spread: 4:1 payout
    • 1      card spread: 5:1 payout

    Red Dog Card Game Payout – BetSoft Online Game

    Be aware that Red Dog is a fast-paced game, especially online versions. It can easily produce over 100 hands/rounds in one hour time! This game can boost your balance in a matter of minutes, but on the other hand, it can zero-out your balance in no-time! Return to player percentage (RTP) varies depending on the number of decks used. The more decks will produce the higher theoretical RTP (tRTP).

    Table: Number of decks used and RTP:

    • 1-deck :  96.845% RTP
    • 2-decks: 96.923% RTP
    • 4-decks: 97.116% RTP
    • 6-decks: 97.202% RTP
    • 8-decks: 97.249% RTP

    From the numbers above, you can easily make a conclusion that 8-deck game will give you highest long-term payout. While in the terms of payout, Red Dog can’t be compared to Blackjack, it will give you a higher chance of winnings than most of the slot machines.

    Regarding Red Dog Poker playing strategy, the key is to make a raise when you have higher chances to get the “in-between” card. In practice, when you have a 7-card (or more) spread, click on that raise-button. It will give you higher overall RTP in the long term. Besides that, there is no special strategy involved since Red Dog Card Game is merely a game of chance.

    Play Online – Free or Real Money Mode

    If you have never played Red Dog Poker Game online, it’s a good idea to practice few hands in a fun (free money) mode. While rules are really simple and you will learn basics in a matter of minutes, you should get a “game feeling” before risking your own money.

    LuckyStar Casino offers two different versions of Red Dog card game. One version is coming from the industry-leading software provider NetEnt with the exciting Progressive Betting feature. The rules are the same as with standard game, but you can forward your winnings to the next round accumulating possible payout. Simple click on the “deal” button instead of “collect” and your winnings from the previous round will be moved to the next round as a new bet. That way, you can make high-roller bets in the range up to $2000 per round.

    The second version is coming from the respected BetSoft game provider featuring Red Dog 8-decks game with higher overall RTP. All the rules are the same as for the standard old West game, as already explained in the previous chapter. It’s worth mentioning, that both of the versions you can play for free in the fun gaming mode.

     If you decide to try your luck playing Red Dog for real money at LuckyStar Casino, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly live chat support and ask for a special bonus or a cashback deal. Even if you are not into table or card games, LuckyStar Casino offers a wide range of bonuses depending on the games preference & bet level.